"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 03 March 2013 18:48

21-Day Meditation Challenge

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I’m always so excited about our monthly Stuff We Love features and this month is no different. I am so happy to announce that the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is back! Numerous scientific studies report on the many benefits of a regular meditation practice. Some include: decreased blood pressure and hypertension, slower heart rate, lower cholesterol levels, reduced production of "stress hormones", including cortisol and adrenalin, improved immune function and more restful sleep, just to name a few! Meditation is a very important part of a total wellness program. For those that have struggled with meditation or anyone that has thought about it but just did not know how and where to start, now is your chance! Starting March 11th, join Oprah and Deepak Chopra on the 21 Day Mediation Challenge focused on Perfect Health. Meditate and journal with them “each day to embrace the vision of your best self, expand your understanding of your miraculous body, and achieve greater balance and wellbeing.”

Register and participate for free at the link below!



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