"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks

Get Ready for Wholesale

Expand your reach by getting your products into stores!

You have a great product that you can’t wait to share with the world and you're liking the idea of going wholesale in order to expand your reach. You dream of walking into stores, boutiques, gift shops, or maybe even big box stores and seeing your products proudly displayed and people buying your goods.

However, you have no idea where to start and the questions starts flying in your head such as…

  • Who do I call?
  • What the heck do they need to make a decision?
  • Do I need to send them samples, brochures, flyers what?!?!
  • What on earth are sell sheets, and how many more hours am I going to spend googling how to do one?
  • When I do reach the right person, how do I communicate and present my products to them, so they can say yes! 

Relax! This is where I come in.

I’m a Business & Lifestyle Strategist, and spent over 10 years as an Award-Winning Sr. Category Manager/Buyer at a large leading Canadian retailer with 1000 stores across the country.  My job was to say YES or NO to people looking to get their products in my stores for my categories.

I saw so many hopefuls pitch to me and call me, and some had great products, but they were so ill prepared. They had no idea how to present their business and products to get me as a Buyer to say yes.

So what happens?

I either never agreed to an appointment with them, or I simply said no to their product. 

Another issue was that these business owners did not have a good understanding of their numbers, terms, joint promotional planning with retailer, nor ideas for promotional displayers, and different terms and requirements that retailers are looking for.

After having coached friends and family who had product-based businesses, it dawned on me that people were hungry for this information. To get inside access into a Buyers mind and what we look for in order to carry your products in our stores.

This led me to test the idea and work with great businesses and coach them on how to present their products to retailers and Buyers. They walked away with confidence to know how to pitch, sales sheets, and a complete plan to get them started.


You can have the same results with my Get Ready for Wholesale personalized coaching and strategy package.

What does it include?

  • (1) 60mins call to get to know you and your product, goals and targets
  • Retail Ready Strategic Plan (PDF report) created specific for you, based on my ‘crawl, walk, run’ strategy. Sometimes, you’re able to go big, but other times, the best approach is to pitch to small accounts to gain traction and get the results bigger retailers are looking for in order to say yes. This way you grow smoothly and effectively.
  • I then take your product info and create line sheets/product presentation sheets and promotional plans for you to present to retail accounts
  • (1) 90mins follow-up call to walk you through the report and educate you on terms and process I used to create the plan, and how to present it 
  • 30-day additional email support AFTER final call with me 


As a result, you’ll have everything you need to present to retail accounts to get your products in! You’ll have the information from the perspective of an experienced buyer who will bridge the gap from you wanting to be in stores to actually getting your products sold into retail.


  • Have more stores interested in carrying your products
  • Feel confident approaching stores, knowing exactly what they need to say YES
  • Uncover ways to get in front of Buyers and shop owners
  • Access to different Buyers and contacts in Canada
  • Negotiate with Buyers and Store Owners on the best cost for you
  • Create promotional plans that Buyers and Store Owners are looking for
  • Find out how to get proper UPCs for your products and how much it will cost you to obtain them


To be clear, this is not an online program where you'll be taught information and left to implement it yourslef. No! I'll be working 1:1 with you, and create your sell sheets/presentation forms, so you'll be ready to get more stores to carry your products!

Your investment? Just $649 CAD! 


Need a payment plan? Not a problem! Simply email uchechi@myempoweredliving.com to arrange a payment plan. Just $400 CAD deposit gets you started! Once your payment is received you'll be sent a link to book your first strategy call.

Get started today, and get everything you need to get your products carried in more stores!