"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 21 January 2018 02:49

You get to Choose

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I had a nice and interesting Facebook conversation yesterday. It went something like this; ‘Hey Hey for 2018. What’s good?’ I replied, ‘everything’. He then replied, ‘Must be nice to live in utopia’. I then answered, ‘LOL. I CHOOSE to make things good.’

We then went on to chat about how I try to make it a daily habit and practise tochoose to show up despite my fears, and choosing to recognize and accept the good that’s presented to me.

It was discussion that really got me thinking on how I’m trying to live my life. You see most times we live in a way where we feel controlled by others and outside circumstances. I sure have had my share of that, and feeling like a victim in different areas of my life.

This seems to be the default operating system for a lot of us, however, I also believe there’s another option. The option by which we choose the meaning we give things and how we want to live and experience life.

Was everything good for me at the moment? Well someone looking in would agree and some would definitely disagree as well. Life truly is all about perspective and how we choose to see a situation. We can see it thought the lens of good or bad, victim or hero.

The beautiful thing is that whatever we choose to see, we will find evidence of it. No. Matter. What. Someone can go through the exact same situation as you, and can extract an important lesson to help them grow and expand. Whereas, you allow the circumstance to consume you. Both of you will see evidence of your perspective, which will further reinforces your views and belief. Both realities are true for each of you, but only because of the choice you make at the moment of how you're seeing things. As a result, you'll get more and more of the same.

This is why I choose to be happy and focused on what I want; regardless of if the physical appearance has yet to manifest. It’s in showing up and choosing to do the work, despite my fears or if I’m in the flow or not.

You can get frustrated that things have yet to manifest like you wanted, or you can choose to know that it’s enviable, and live from that place. And when someone asks you, ‘what’s good’, you can say ‘everything’…. because you choose for it to be so. 

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