"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 14 January 2018 16:08

New Year, New Starts... Time to Show Up!

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It’s a brand New Year, and like many people all across the world, I’m filled with an optimistic energy of this New Year. It’s funny because although I’m excited about the New Year, there’s also a sense of calm and contentment in me. Not that I don't have big goals this year, because I do. I know this year is going to be a big year for me, both professional and personal. There are some things I’ve committed to make happen this year, and I feel ready for the change.

The thing about change though, is that it can get messy. It can get frustrating and uncomfortable. My goal is to embrace the discomfort because I know it’s a sign of growth and expansion. So I guess for me, I know its not all about ‘sunshine and rainbows’, but an opportunity to feel the discomfort that comes with change; face it, and still stay committed despite of it.

This is the challenge I see with people though. They have a goal and dream and they go in with the momentum of the New Year, and they get really excited. The newness and romance of it is in full force. Then like many things, compliancy sets in, resistance shows up and things begin to feel hard to obtain. It’s at these moments that people fall into a sense of lack and begin to doubt the attainment of their dreams. They don’t see the discomfort as part of the process, and they give up.

What’s the way through this? It’s pretty simple…but hard to do.

The way through this is to stick to your goals. Show up consistently regardless of whether you’re in the flow or not. You. Do. The. Work. You do what you said you’d do. What you committed to do. What you know you should be doing. Yes, it will require willpower, but the beautiful thing is that once you use willpower enough, it then becomes a habit and at that point you don’t have to try to do it. You simply are… you’re being it and doing it without will.

So, as the weeks turn into months in this New Year, my call to you is simply to show up everyday. Look to what you said you'd do, and just do it. Do it because you said you would. Because you made a commitment to yourself. Do it because you deserve to experience the results that come from doing the work. Just show up, one day at a time. This is how success is achieved.

Here’s to an Amazing New Year!

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