"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Saturday, 16 July 2016 14:44

I need your help! The world needs your help.

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I don’t know about you, but it seems like every time I log onto Facebook, I see all the darkness and pains of the world. I have to admit, I’ve struggled over the last couple of weeks. I lost inspiration, hope and momentum. I second-guessed my work, my vision of a peaceful and loving world and the hope of a better tomorrow. 

The divide between societies, terrorist attacks, judgement and hate, felt so consuming, it broke my heart in so many ways.

I typically use my platform to share and help you focus on positive thoughts, because that’s how you get more of it. However, there’s also a time when we must look and acknowledge when the world seems to be falling apart. This acknowledgment is not about focusing on what’s wrong and placing blame, and judgement, but about using our platform to voice injustice and pain when we see it, in order to start a loving and respectable conversation around it.

Between the horrific killings of black men at the hands of police officers, and the equally horrific events of police officers attacked and killed doing their jobs, to terrorist attacks and countless darkness in the world, it can feel overwhelming leaving a feeling of helplessness. 

I have the honour of having many people all over the world in my email community. Some of you witness and feel these events daily. When I think of this, it fuels my fire to make an even bigger impact, because the work I do is not about me. It never was. It starts with me, and then moves to we. 

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday that felt she was seeing signs and intuitive nudges, and she told me she thought she might be a ‘light worker’, but didn’t really know for sure. I reminded her that she is indeed a light worker. We all are. You, yes you are a light worker. Some people may be more awake to this than others, but darling, yes.you.are.

Seeing that only light can drive out darkness, I feel that these events are calling for us to do just that. We are being called to be the light. Being the light allows us to ignite it in those around us, consequently, they ignite it in others, causing a ripple effect. This is how we heal and this is exactly how we’re able to start the change we want. 

Let us not ignore the issues happening around the world, but rather use it as a catalyst for change and transformation. The world is at a critical point right now and the future, our kid’s future depends on what we do! Think of how you can lovingly and respectively teach others, and at the same time knowing when to walk away and not feed into the negative energy that may come up.

My mentor Gabrielle Bernstein says; ‘peace begins with me’. That is what I kept reminding myself all week when it felt my heart was breaking. I honoured my feelings and allowed the light to come through the cracks. 

I believe in hope, peace and the ability of a better tomorrow. I believe in a world where you will not be treated differently based on your race, religion, sex nor sexual orientation. I believe in a world where everyone sees the divine in one another. Can you imagine that world? Close your eyes for a moment and picture it. 

This is where it starts. Peace begins by us holding space and vision for this loving world for EVERYONE. Justice and peace for all. We can get there my friend. It’s my mission to help make this happen. But I need your help. 

It starts with examining your own views, thoughts and actions. Then, seeing areas where you can do and be better. Listen openly to the opinions of others and when you see hate and injustice, show up, speak up, and send healing love and energy to it. 

I need your help to make this happen. The world needs you to do this. Will you?

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