"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Monday, 19 October 2015 17:33

Just because you can’t see proof, doesn’t mean nothing is happening!

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One of the things I’ve come to understand since studying Universal Laws is the importance of having faith in the unseen. This is an area so many of people get tripped up on when it comes to manifesting and achieving their goals.

You set an intention, go to work on making it happen. You show up, thinking the right thoughts to re-program your mind. However, there’s something that separates those who are able to manifest with ease, from those that constantly struggle.

Because you don’t see the physical manifestation of your goals, you assume that nothing is happening. You assume that the work you’ve put in is in isolation and no change is happening.

Here’s the thing to remember during this ‘gestation’ period. Remember that because you have a desire, means you already have the power to manifest it. There’s a solution already available in order for you to bring it about.

What starts to happen is as you have your desire(s) and start to align your thoughts and feelings to it, you then ignite a whole chain reaction of events and ‘coincidences’ to help you reach your goals. People, opportunities start to line themselves to you and become present around you.

However, realize this: your current circumstances have been the result of your old way of being. So whatever results you find yourself currently experiencing was caused by your past thinking and feelings. This is the law of cause and effect. There is a cause (thinking, feelings, actions) to the effects and results you’re currently experiencing.  As you embark on changing the cause (again your thoughts, feelings and actions), new results you wish to achieve starts making it’s way to you in the unseen realm, as you’re experiencing current conditions based on your past beliefs.

Most times though, because you don’t see the physical manifestation even though you’re doing the work diligently, you end up feeling stuck. Feeling that it’s not happening and you’re dreams are not transpiring. When really all along the Universe is orchestrating all the wonderful events, people to send into your life to bring it about.

You need to stay consistent in your practice until your new thoughts and feelings dominate your old ones. You then are able to see solutions to your problems and opportunities to manifest your dreams become in your scope of awareness. Many times, it’s things that have been there all along, yet you failed to recognize it, because you were blind to it. Other times, it may be new opportunities that are attracted to you because you are now a vibrational match to it (law of vibration). Once your new empowered way of being dominates your old ways, you begin to see physical manifestations of your desire(s).

So wherever you are in your manifestation process, commit to having faith in the unseen. Make the decision to be happy and full of love and trust the process no.matter.what! Yes, that means you’ll need to let go the need to control every aspect of how your goals will come about. I’ve written a lot about letting go and surrendering which is a huge part of manifesting your goals. Many people struggle with this, however it’s critical in order for you to see the physical manifestation of your goals.

Commit to your happiness and peace of mind. Do not let your current circumstances dictate your future results. I know this is easier said (or rather written) than done. I too struggle with this practice. But for me, when I'm consistently choosing to be happy no matter what, trusting in the unfolding of my desires, and understanding that the manifestation of it, is already occurring. It is then that opportunities spring forward, and the flow of abundance comes rushing into my life.

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