"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Monday, 23 June 2014 00:56

This is the reason why your affirmations are not working for you!

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Ok, so you read somewhere about the power of affirmations to help you achieve your goals and attract things into your life. You took affirmations that was given to you and repeated them to yourself over and over again. However…. You find yourself feeling frustrated at the fact that nothing’s happening and your goals and dreams are still not manifesting! 

Now before you throw away the whole notion that affirmations do not work and go back to your old way of thinking and focusing on what’s wrong and the negative, which really is you affirming those very things. Let me tell you one important reason why your affirmations did not materialize.

The biggest reason why people feel that affirmations do not work is because your subconscious mind rejected what you were affirming. Think about it, most affirmations state something in the positive that is typically different than what you are currently experiencing. Let’s take money for example, which is an area a lot of people struggle with. So, if you’re someone that has financial challenges, with piles of bills that you simply do not know how to pay for them. If you start affirming to yourself, “I am a money magnet, money comes to me easily and frequently”, your subconscious mind will scream Bull Sh$t! It screams this because for as long as you can remember, money did not come easily and frequently so it simply rejects this affirmation and does not buy into it. When your subconscious rejects what you are affirming, you will have a difficult time manifesting it into your life. This is why affirmations do not work for some people.

To get affirmations to work for you, here’s a different approach that will benefit you tremendously. Using the money example, instead of affirming “I am a money magnet, money comes to me easily and frequently”, just repeat the words: “Wealth. Success. Wealth. Success.” Because you are only just saying the words your subconscious mind does not have anything to fight against and reject. And the more you repeat those 2 words, it then sneaks into your subconscious mind, and will then become the dominate thought in your mind (replacing your past negative money beliefs on lack). When your dominant thoughts are on “wealth and success”, your subconscious mind will work to create experiences and circumstances that match “wealth and success”. 

Try this technique for a week and see what happens. Repeat the words to several times a day for appx. 5mins (or more if you can). Two of those times should be right before falling asleep and right when you wake up in the morning when your subconscious mind is relaxed, thus more open to suggestion. After a week of doing this consistently, leave a comment below to report your findings.

Here to making affirmations work for you!  


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