"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Monday, 10 March 2014 01:39

Think your business, job and investments are your source of supply? Think again!

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I’ve been working on this post for some time now, and just never thought it was the right one to send out and post. It was as though intuitively, I knew that it was not the right time to send and I was to hold onto it until later.

This past week, I had an experience that led me to revisit this post and I knew it was the perfect time to send as it served as a reminder for me. Sometimes the teacher really becomes the student and I was a student of the post that I had written several weeks ago.

The lesson I wanted to share in this post was about how oftentimes we mistake the channels of our abundance, wealth and prosperity etc. as the Source. Think about how many times in your life you’ve stressed over developments (or lack of), in your business career or investments. It could be being passed up for a promotion, losing your job or not earning enough sales in your business to sustain your living. When we experience a loss or setback when it comes to our income, we become so anxious and troubled and think that that area was the source of our supply.

However, none of these are our supply (source) of income, wealth and prosperity. This is a concept that I was recently introduced to by a new teacher Marilyn Jenett. Marilyn is the creator of Feel Free to Prosper program (which happens to be last month’s Stuff We Love feature). Marilyn in her teachings talks about how we mistake our channels of supply for our Source. Our true Source according to Marilyn comes from God/Universe/Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence (insert whatever term fits with your spiritual practice). All the other areas are simply just channels. And when one runs out or temporary becomes unavailable, there are unlimited amount of channels available to us to open ourselves too in order to receive.

She uses the example of a kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucet is just one channel that we can receive water. If that channel breaks down and stops, we can simple go to the bathroom or any other room in the house that has another faucet for us to get more water. We would not keep focusing on the broken kitchen faucet in despair and worry and think that we will never get water because that one was out of service. No, we would not, because we know that the faucet was not the main source of our water supply. 

This was a big lesson for me this week, because as some of you know that I am also the Co-Owner of a Corporate Wellness business. Well one of those programs decided to take their wellness program in-house so our services were no longer needed. In the past it would have had a huge impact on me. It surly did to my sister who happens to be my business partner in that business. For me, I chose to see it through a different lens. It was ironic to me that I had this post ready to go, but it did not resonate with me, but of course this past week it did, and I thought it would be a great resource to share with those that may have been in a similar situation.  

I went back to this post and reminded myself that our contracts are just channels and to not despair at losing one, because I knew deep down that it was not my Source. It was strange, but I was very calm and had a knowing that something better was coming along and that it was an opportunity for us to better execute the new one we just obtained and concentrate on a recent one that presented itself.  I was ready to open myself up to all the other channels available to me. To despair and reject the current situation would be closing my eyes to all the infinite channels available to me, which blocks all the amazing opportunities from coming into my life.

This may seem simplistic, but it’s a very difficult thing to do because we have been conditioned to think the opposite. When we place our focus on our true Source, which is available to you 24hrs day, we then tap into its creative energy and attract into our lives more infinite ways to receive. 

This is an important lesson to remember when you see yourself holding tightly to something that did not go as planned. Simply let go, and affirm that your true Source has infinite channels and all your goals and desires are on its way. Then step out of the way, remove any resistance you have to the current situation and allow the opportunities to come to you.



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