"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 16 February 2014 17:45

Life isn’t a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ project; we need all the help we can get!

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Lately, it’s become evident to me how critical support communities are needed in order to grow and develop and achieve your goals. This is something I learnt several years ago when I went through my first Life Mastery training.

Program creator Mark Fournier spoke of 3 keys to empowerment and one of them was Support Systems (Community). Mark’s been quoted to say, “I don’t believe in ‘self-help’…We cannot reach our greatest potential without the support of others.”

I was also fortunate to enrol in Marie Forleo’s B-School program last spring, which I’m sure many of you have heard of (if you haven’t you can check her out here!). One of the strongest benefits of this program is having a network of 4000+ amazing, supporting and loving entrepreneurs. Ones who get what you go through. As different as we all are, there is always a level of love and support within the group. It is fantastic because you can post a business or tech related question, to support launching a new program or support of a personal nature where all you’re looking for is a virtual hug and love and reassurance that all is well. And you get an influx of support no matter what you’re looking for. It can be quite empowering.

I remember several months ago, I was craving a spiritual community. Now, I do not mean an organized religion, but just a group of like-minded people who share in the same goals and visions as I do. Life can get so crazy at times and my life is no different. I have family obligations, work and business and I know like many of you there does not seem to be any time to cultivate these kinds of relationships. But I urge you to make time to reach out and surround yourself with those that support your growth and those that inspire you to up your game and be better everyday.

As you start to grow and evolve, sometimes, those closest to you become distant and may not support your growth and aspirations. They no longer become aligned to your goals. This can be difficult and lonely because it’s hard for these people to see you differently. They’ve known you for so long and may resist the change in you. You may start feeling a shift in your consciousness and you no longer become comfortable in the crowd that you’re currently in.

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So I ask you, look to those that you spend most of your time with. Are they ones that inspire you? Do they support your growth? Do they encourage you? Or do they sabotage your growth and dim your light? Be honest and be strong enough to walk away or distant yourself from those that do not support you. Also, the same goes for you. Do you inspire, support and encourage those around you? I’ve written before; what we see is a reflection of what we are being.

I cannot express how important it is for you to honour your time and space and spend it with those that support and encourage you to stretch and grow. Those, who you’re not afraid to share your failures and successes with. When you find them, hang tight, because you now hold an important key to achieving your goals!


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