"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 19 January 2014 15:17

This is one of the fastest ways to achieve your goals!

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There are so many people who wish to change their life and aspire for something greater. However, they find themselves so distant from their goals that it causes so much anxiety for them.

You finally make the decision to embark on the quest of living your dreams. However, as time goes on you don’t see your goals materializing. Or sometimes you inundate yourself in researching others that have the lifestyle you want, but instead of it inspiring you to work harder, you become jealous, resentful and buy into the lack mentality that says someone living that lifestyle means there is not enough room for you to have the same. You also, become anxious and impatient and feel bad that what you want is not happening right now!

This feeling is something that will keep you away from achieving your dream. Any feelings of lack, jealous and resentment for others bring you out of alignment with that which you want. One of the fastest ways to achieve your dreams is to be in alignment with your goals. What would it feel like to have your goals accomplished? What would you do? How would you feel? Can you take on that feeling now before it comes to pass? This is a very hard, but critical step in the manifestation process.

What most of us tend to do is that we start off with an intention, which sets up the manifestation process, however as we go about our day, we don’t see physical evidence of what we want. Instead of holding on to the believe that what we want is on it’s way we give into our doubt. We then become resentful for our current circumstance, which only adds resistance and delays or stops our good from coming to us. Being resentful means we are ungrateful for what we currently have in our life, which again is a sure-fire way to keep our desires from coming into our life. This is why I love keeping a gratitude journal. I know this is overstated, but it cannot be emphasized enough. Being grateful for what we have in our life is the best way to ensure that we continue to receive more things to be grateful for. How can the Universe bring us more if we are not grateful, nor take care of what we currently have?

Being in alignment does not mean you put your heads up in the clouds and just “positive think” your way to your dream life. No, but what it does means is that you need to be cautious of the words you speak and the thoughts you have. You also need to be cautious of those you choose to spend our precious time with. Are they in alignment to the person you wish to be, or do they love to complain and drag you down with them? Do they also, try to convince you to play small and not get your hopes up? I had an experience this week, which I was in the midst of conversation with people that were in that negative state of mind. I remember just feeling so disconnected with them and so out of place. It was an uncomfortable feeling and felt that all they wanted to do was complain and to be a part of that group you had to join in. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in my life. I have my ups and downs, but one thing I know is that being in a negative state is not a vibrational match to my goals. When I find myself in a negative place, I remind myself that at every given moment, I am creating. Every thought, every feeling that I’m expressing is creating more of the same in the future. So even when I feel someone is wrong, I try to remember that being angry and resentful is only creating more negative situations in my life and not theirs, so it is only me that holding on to anger will hurt. This revelation helps me to release it and change my frame of mind.

As I’ve written before, everything is energy, including all the things that I want to bring into my life. When I find myself living and being in a lower frequency, it is then that I know I need to get to work to raise my vibration and be on the same level as my goals and dreams.

So, I ask you. How may you be preventing your good from coming into your life through being out of alignment? Can you commit to raising your vibration to match those of your dreams? Share your comments below.

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