"Where you now stand is a result of thoughts and feelings that you have offered before, but where you are going is a result of your perspective of where you now stand." 
~Esther Hicks
Sunday, 21 April 2013 00:00

Be the Light

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I just finished reading an update on the arrest of the Boston explosions suspects as I started to write this post. I consciously have stayed away from the news coverage because as someone who experiences high anxiety due to events like this, I feel being inundated with the news coverage and the negative energy does not help.

Like many of you who watched and read in shock at what the beautiful people of Boston and the marathoners experienced, I felt helpless. Again like most tragic events we often ask "why?" Unfortunately this is a question we are unable to answer. It feels like we are living in a scary time when violence is occurring around us and innocent people are falling victim to these events. Oftentimes we are tempted to retreat or lash out in anger. Times like this I look at my little boy (*update and now daughter) and I feel helpless at what the world out there is like and wonder how I can protect them. As I look within to get an answer (which has become a practice for me when I am feeling lost and unsure) to what I and others can do, I am guided to a simple answer; "Be the light!"

This answer resonated with me because I know if I attack and blame, I am only contributing to the darkness and adding more negative charge to it. My role is to be an example of love and light to everyone around me. It is a difficult task, but one that I am reminded of just how much it's needed during times like this. It means letting go of grievances and showing love to others. It's silently sending a blessing to a stranger walking past me on the street, to those that cause me pain. It's working hard to remember that we are all miracle and light workers, called to serve.

Being the light means when we come across darkness both in ourselves and the world, that we bring light (love) to it, in order to eliminate that darkness. Darkness cannot exist where there is light.  It means releasing my fearful thoughts and letting go of grievances and past hurts and remembering who walks beside me at all times. 

It is amazing to see the show of community, love and support for the people of Boston in their time of need. I ask myself; "how would our world be transformed if we showed that level of love, compassion and community on a daily basis?" To show love and concern to those in need every day. There were pictures of people in areas of the world who experience bombing on a daily bases showing love and support to the people of Boston.  That is truly what being the light is all about, and what we are all called to do.

There is so much work needed to heal our world and prevent events such as this. It's hard not to feel helpless, but I believe we can all contribute to the healing one person at a time.  We can start by sending love and being love, and shine our lights so bright that any darkness inside and around us can be illuminated; even just a little. I can only imagine how bright that light can shine if we all decided to make that conscious effort on a daily basis. I truly believe in my heart that we will eliminate all darkness in this world as a result.

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